Lebanon is the jewel of the Middle East, with sandy beaches, and rocky mountains diving into the seashores, and 4 seasons that give Lebanon a varied and beautiful weather, with beautiful and colourful landscapes that change every season.


Hot summers and snowy winters present a large variety of interesting and fun sports from skiing, to swimming, nature hikes, outdoor and indoor activities to suit all tastes.


Lebanon is a small country, 225km long and 46km wide, which gives it its unique easy access to all areas in the shortest amount of time.


Lebanon is filled with archaeology and history dating back to B.C. It is rich in archaeological sites, making it a unique tourist attraction where it combines history with modern society.


The cosmopolitan flair of modern-day Beirut, the gastronomic renown of the country’s food and wine, and an educated and outward-looking population complement a country that is both traditional and progressive in outlook.

Most Lebanese people speak Arabic, English, and French. As you walk the streets of downtown Beirut, you will pass domed mosques and steeple churches, reflecting the country’s religious and architectural legacies.

A Well Kept Secret

For all the flavours of its storied past and rugged natural beauty, Lebanon is a well-kept tourist secret that begs exploration.

A Fast Paced Cosmopolitan City

Beirut is fast paced cosmopolitan city, modern and old, is filled with places to visit whether for sightseeing, shopping, cuisine, or the nightlife that Beirut is bustling with.



Fashionable and trendy, Beirut is the cultural epicentre of Lebanon. The city is bustling with life and oozing with charisma. Lebanese live life to the full, taking in all the city’s gastronomic delights, ambience, and leisure activities until the early hours of the morning. Between the time they leave work and the time they arrive home, a true Lebanese fits in shopping, a gallery opening, drinks with friends at a new bar, dinner around 10pm, and a Lebanese espresso, before hitting a nightclub in Achrafiyé around midnight.

Things To Do

Whether it is music and theatre, galleries, shopping, or dining that you are after, there is no end to the choices for those visiting Beirut.


Shopping is a leisure activity in downtown Beirut. Lebanese track the European fashion trends closely in both interior design and clothing. Lebanese Fashion Designers are renowned worldwide.


Lebanon is blessed with a mild Mediterranean climate and four distinct seasons.

Summer is made for sun worshippers and water enthusiasts, perfect for outdoor cafés and seaside fun. Alternatively, head to the mountains for nice walks and cooler weather.

Fall brings crisp, cool weather to the mountains, while remaining pleasantly warm on the coast.

Winter is the time for outdoor sports, with six ski resorts catering to skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. The coast is wet and cool.

The scenery comes alive with wildflowers, making spring the prime opportunity for hiking Lebanon’s mountain trails and discovering its unique flora and fauna.

Fall and winter can be the ideal time to visit Lebanon’s historical attractions and the majestic Roman ruins.

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